Branding Your Name on Social Media

Something that can hold people back when they are first getting started is making a decision about whether they want to use social media to brand their business or for branding their name. 

What happens is that as you branding your business, you are actually building a personal brand and that should be your main focus.

As you build a personal brand, you are allowing your followers to get to know you beyond just your business. 

People want to connect with other humans on social media. Connecting with a business is just not the same. If people don’t know the person behind that account they are less likely to want to engage with it. 

Think about people who you love to follow on social media. Even if they are business owners, you probably know some other things about them. That is what keeps you coming back to their page. 

When you feel like you know someone, you trust them. That trust is going to make you turn to them when you are in need of a product they are selling.

That is your goal. As you build your personal brand on social media, people will think of you when they need the services that you offer. You will also be the person on the front of their mind that they are going to refer their friends or family to if they hear about a need they have that you can help with.

Business is all about relationships and you can utilize social media to build those relationships. This will help your business grow. Your ideal patients are out there and this will allow you to attract them. 

When you build a personal brand and people trust who you are. It provides you with more opportunities. If you were to get a new business opportunity or want to pivot in your business, your audience would come with you. 

If you have only focused on showcasing your business on social media, if that business no longer exists then you are probably going to lose those followers too.

When you have a loyal following, they are going to stick with you no matter what. If you decide to pursue something new they will help you be successful from the start on your newest venture. 

This is what I did when I started Grow With the Gram. I already had my social media established for my practice and when I discovered this new passion for helping others, I was able to use my current platform to share it.

People were bought into who I was and what I have to offer. Grow With the Gram was something else that could help them. They were just as excited about it as I was. Since my social media was about me I could utilize it to promote my new business as well. 

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used in so many ways. As you use it for branding your name, people will come to know you as a person. Continue to do this and watch your business continue to grow. 

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