Changing Your Instagram Strategy

How do you know if you should be changing your Instagram Strategy? Great question! 

First off, it is important that you stay authentic to who you are on your Instagram or social media. 

People are following you because they love and trust you. If you change who you are for social media, it will be easy to tell. Additionally, it is going to be so much harder for you to create content if you are trying to be someone else. 

So as you think about changing things on your instagram, always stay authentic to who you are in the process. 

When you are creating content as yourself, it is going to seem so much more natural and you will have fun creating that content. It will feel less like work and more like something you enjoy doing.

That being said, as you continue to show your authentic self, you can try adding new content to your social media. This will allow you to slowly change what you are sharing and see what resonates with your followers.

Keep the majority of your content the same. Use about 10-20% of your content to share something new and test out how it goes. 

As you post new content, watch what people seem to interact with the most. Look at your views, likes, and comments. When you see something that people enjoy, create more content like that.

You can also try different formats for content to change your instagram strategy. If you usually are posting lots of static posts, try reels. If you haven’t used IGTV, give that a chance. 

See how your new work does on social media and make plans to move forward from there. If your new content is not as popular as you were hoping, you can always repurpose that for something else.

For example, videos can be added to Youtube or Facebook and they might be more successful there. The content that you create once can be used multiple times on different platforms. 

While you want to pay attention to the results, do not get too stuck on them. They can guide what you do, but don’t let them discourage you. 

Finding a new instagram strategy is about testing new things. You need to believe that people are going to like what you create. Instagram is always changing as a platform so you have to change to keep up. 

The best way to be successful is to show up and be consistent. Be open to changing and experimenting on your instagram and seeing what happens. 

If you need more support in what you should be creating for your instagram or even how to get started, join us in Grow With The Gram. We have a process for you to follow to get started and grow your Instagram and your business. 

Have a beautiful day!

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