Making Content Creation a Natural Part of Your Day

One thing that I hear all the time when people are getting started with social media is that they don’t know what to post. Content creation can be tricky when you don’t know what to post. 

Many times people think that what they are doing in their practice isn’t exciting but the reality is, people would love to see behind the scenes! Think of some reality shows that people spend hours watching, they do this because it allows them to see things that aren’t a part of their daily life. They get a glimpse into something that is so new and different to them, that’s exciting.

You can use social media to provide that content to your audience! 

The best way to do this is turn on the camera in your everyday life and start capturing content. 

We might think that our lives are boring but people become intrigued with it. People see your life and you become relatable to them. 

This helps to build the trust factor that is important to bringing in your ideal patient. They want to see you inside and outside of work, if you are willing to share. This is how you develop your personal brand which we talked about a few weeks ago on the blog here. 

Once you start sharing different parts of your day, you will see what people interact with the most and you can create more of that content. 

If you are still nervous, I’d challenge you to show up for 7 days straight on Instagram stories. Show different parts of your day. 

If you need to, get to work early so that you can get pre recorded videos or take pictures to post later in the day. If you are able, do it throughout your day. This will feel more natural and make it easier to not get overwhelmed.

If I have a meeting, I will take a picture of something in the meeting. When I have a patient who is willing to be filmed, I might get a story from them. 

If I have other professionals in the office who are willing to share a piece of knowledge, I get it on film. There are endless options all day long for creating content. 

The more you do it, the more natural it will become. Soon it will feel like second nature. You can also enlist the help of people in your office. You never know who will have great ideas for you. 

Keep it easy for yourself so that you can be successful. When you are willing to show the behind the scenes of your daily work, you will be able to keep up with it.

Building a social media presence can allow your practice to thrive. Be consistent in creating content and growing your following so that you can allow this to happen.

Have a beautiful day. 

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