Create Content To Grow Your Following

When you are considering what to post on social media, you need to create content to grow your following. You want everything you post to be valuable to your ideal patient and this will naturally cause your page to grow. 

Oftentimes deciding what this content looks like can be challenging for individuals. Do you ever feel stuck with trying to come up with content?

Let’s talk about how to get unstuck and create content that will help your business grow! 

One of the easiest ways to create content is to ask your audience a question. You can do this in your Instagram stories and provide a box for them to leave their answers. 

I ask a question such as, what their biggest struggle is when it comes to keeping their teeth clean, or the appearance of their teeth, or their 1 biggest struggle about going to the dentist.

Once you have those answers, you can write them down and you will have an endless amount of topics to discuss.

You can create content that addresses their specific pain points. People are going to feel connected to you when they see that you are responding to them. There is a good chance that other people are going to relate to the struggles. You will be speaking to many  people at once. 

People are also going to see the value in the information that you are sharing and they are going to keep coming back to you for more help and advice. 

You can make connections with people and build relationships on social media. This is going to allow you to convert those people into patients one day. People have to know and trust you before they come in for a service and this can happen over time with social media. 

Having all of these ideas ahead of time will allow you to make content faster. I recommend setting aside time on your calendar each month specifically for creating content. When you do this, you are less likely to skip this task.

In 30 focused minutes, you will be able to create weeks worth of content. This is because you already have the ideas to work from. The more you do it, you might be able to make all of your post for an entire month in that amount of time.

This is going to allow you to be consistent which is so important. 

Providing value and being consistent will allow you to grow your social media following. 

Have a beautiful day! 

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