Finding Your Voice Social Media

When you use social media to grow your business, everything you post is considered your voice and finding your voice is key! 

Find your voice on social media in order to gain followers that will engage with you. After you attract those followers you will be able to turn them into patients and that is when you will see how your social media is directly impacting your business. 

In order to find your voice, think about how you want people to see you. When you think about your brand, what are the things that you want to come to mind?

Once you have decided on those things, keep that in mind with everything you create and post on your social media. 

If you want people to think of you as an expert in your field, share content that shows you are an expert. If you want people to think you are funny, find ways to incorporate humor into your posts. 

When you are consistent with being yourself and your brand throughout your social media posts, you will attract your ideal patients because they see who you really are. They begin to trust you and that is a key step in them becoming a patient. 

It might take some time to feel as though you have found your voice and that’s okay, keep working on it! When you have an important message, share it multiple times in different ways and see what attracts the most people. 

You always wanted to be able to speak to your ideal patient and to do this you need to know how to speak to their pain and pleasure points. We discuss this a lot in my course, Grow With The Gram and you can learn more about that here: 

When you know what your patients are struggling with, you can speak to that and offer them solutions through your content. This will have them coming back to you for information and eventually coming to your practice for services. 

You want to make sure that you are not posting just to post, but that you are posting something that provides value for your ideal patient. 

As you start to have more people interacting with your posts and engaging in your content, you will know that it is working and you have found a voice that resonates with your ideal patient. 

When you start converting followers into patients, you’ll know that you mastered finding your voice on social media. You have successfully connected with that person but using your voice and they trust you for their health needs. 

Now that you know why it’s so important, take some time to work on finding your voice on social media.

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