How I Got My First Patient from Tik Tok

Trying out a new social media platform can be intimidating and nerve wracking, but if you are looking to grow your business it is something you should consider. Today I’ll share how I got my first patient from Tik Tok! 

Every social media site that is available to you is a new place to market your business. It is free marketing that you are missing out on if you are not willing to give it a try.   

When I decided that I was going to create a Tik Tok, I told myself that I was going to be consistent on that platform for 6 months.

Consistency is key when you are trying to grow a profile on a new social media site. 

I knew that there were ideal patients waiting for me on Tik Tok so I needed to do what I could to reach them. 

I started out with making videos daily, then cut down to less videos over time but I stayed consistent with my posting schedule. 

At first the number of views was low and so were my follower counts. Even if you already have a lot of followers on one platform, it doesn’t mean they will transfer over to the other.

Oftentimes people are dedicated to the platform they enjoy the post and they don’t spend time on others. This means that most of the people that I am reaching there are new, which is a good thing! 

Slowly my videos started getting more views but I noticed my follower count wasn’t going up. This is where I warn you to stay motivated! 

Do not let a lack of engagement, followers, or likes stop you from being consistent with posting. You have to keep doing it and believe that eventually it will lead to success. 

After four months of being consistent, I finally had my first patient from Tik Tok! It took me showing up regularly and believing that it would work. 

While you are working on growing your platform it is important to remember to show up with intention. Show up to serve your audience. 

People on Tik Tok do not want the same content you are posting on Instagram, so you have to be willing to create content that is fresh and exciting for them. Have fun with it! 

The more I continued to be consistent, the more I saw videos that ended up having a lot of views. What I was creating was being seen and that is what will lead to more patients. 

This is the same thing I did with Instagram when I started. I showed up with a strategy and was dedicated to it. Now over 90% of my patients come from Instagram. You can do it too. 

If you feel lost with where to begin with social media strategy, consider joining my free masterclass where I share behind the scenes secrets to social media, or for more depth, join my community Grow With The Gram

Have a beautiful day.

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