Growing your Following

While I do not encourage people to be too focused on numbers, it is common for people to want to work on growing your following. 

When you are using social media to make money, gaining followers over time is important. That being said, there are several ways that you can focus on growing your following to increase the amount of potential clients you are reaching. 

Most importantly, be consistent. Have a plan for how you can add value through your social media and be committed to that.

Show up every day with information that serves your ideal patient. 

Even if you are not getting comments and messages yet, be confident that they will come with time as you keep being consistent. 

Along with being consistent, make sure that your content is high quality nad keeping up with the trends and features on social media. Instagram used to be all about photos. Now they are changing to wanting more video content. 

You have to keep up with what is new and popular so that your content is seen. 

Do not sit around hoping that social media will change to fit what you want to make, you have to go with what the app wants you to produce. 

Social media is an opportunity for free marketing, so take advantage of it and be willing to adapt and change as needed to get maximum exposure. 

In order to be an expert and keep up with trends on social media, I also recommend you stick to one platform.

It is overwhelming to try and jump into three, four, or five platforms at one time. 

If you pick one, you can become really good at it. You can focus all of your time and energy on that content and on connecting with ideal patients. 

This is going to bring you more success than trying to spread yourself across many platforms. 

Once you are in a good rhythm and feel as though you are able to be consistent you can consider adding in another platform. You can repurpose some of your older content to fit the new platform. 

Lastly, do not get too attached to the results. Growing on social media takes time and it takes consistency. 

Show up every day whether you are getting comments, messages, or followers. Believe in the fact that social media can bring you success. 

When you keep providing value, you will attract your idea patient and over time your consistency will result in them being ready to come to you for a service or procedure. 

Have a beautiful day. 

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