Social Media is for Being Social, Not for Selling

When you start to get really successful in growing your social media account, you might get approached by some brands, or maybe you’re thinking about approaching some brands yourself for a paid partnership.

I get asked all of the time if clients should use their social media account to become an influencer. The answer is … maybe, but I don’t recommend it. 

When I first started my account, my goal was to grow my business. And when I started to get successful at getting followers and interactions, I got approached by some brands.

This was exciting so I said yes, but I soon realized that using my account as an influencer account wasn’t what I wanted. Remember, my goal with my account was to grow my business which meant I had to get my followers to trust me.

I found that my audience was like having a trust fund. Every time I asked something of them, I lost a little bit of their trust.

I also found that the brands that approached me had nothing to do with dentistry. Why would I ask my audience to follow me, a dentist, and then show them things that had nothing to do with what I did?

So after a few collaborations, I decided that using my account as an influencer account wasn’t what I wanted.

Why? Let me give you a few things to think about.

Nobody wants to follow an account that’s constantly selling. It’s annoying. People are on social media to be just that, social. They want to feel a connection. They don’t want to be on social media to be sold to.

You might be saying, But people do go to social media to find things. And you’d be right. They even go on social media to find us healthcare professionals, but they don’t want to be sold to.

I believe in selling without asking for the sale. Show valuable content, show up regularly. This is what I teach in my Grow with the Gram course and in all of the coaching I do.

Another thing I learned was that the value of a lifetime patient was WAY more than the value of a post on my feed. 

The industry average is 1 penny per follower. And now, brands have gotten smarter and if you don’t have the engagement, they won’t pay you. If you have 2 million followers and get 1% engagement, you aren’t getting paid much. 

But if you have 20,000 followers and you have good engagement, you may get paid more. But let’s say you have 20,000 followers and great engagement. A brand may pay you $200 to post, but I bet bringing a new patient into your office will bring you more profit than that. 

And, I want you to build your own dream, my friends.

When you work with a brand, you’re building their dreams, not yours. That partnership could be taken away at any time, and then that affects your dream. So build your own dream!

What can you do, you ask?

Focus on building your own brand and your own dream. That’s it. It will serve you well.

And once you do that, if you want to partner with someone, then do it.

I do. But I’m very selective in my partnerships. They have to be about dentistry in some way. They have to fit in my brand. And when I do partner with a brand, I go all out. I have  professional photos taken, I even have professional videographers come in if that is what the brand wants. 

I go above and beyond in my partnerships because I have created that know/like/trust relationship with my followers and I only bring them the best.

So when my audience sees me selling something, they know that it’s something that I use and recommend. It’s not just to make money.

I also recommend a lot of things that I don’t get paid for. And that builds trust too. If I like it, I want to pass it along to my followers.

I know it’s tempting to use your social media account as an influencer account, but I hope I’ve given you a few things to think about as you make that decision.

Do you need help growing your account in the first place? Join me in my Grow with the Gram program. I can show you how I grew my account, and get lifelong patients from social media so that you can do that too.

Have a beautiful day!

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