Instagram is for All Ages

There is a common misconception about the ages of people on social media. People think that only young people are using Instagram, but that is not true. Instagram is for all ages. 

There are over a billion people on this app.

That means there are people young and old making connections, learning, and building relationships. This means it is the perfect place to market yourself to your ideal patient. 

You never know who is out there needing to see what you have to offer. 

When I hear people saying that their ideal patient is older and that is why they do not want to use social media, I think that is just an excuse. It probably means that they do not want to use social media. It makes them feel better about not investing their time on it.

The reality is, their ideal patient is there and it is important to not make excuses. 

I have had people come into my practice of all ages who tell me that they found me on Instagram. Even people in their 50’s and 60’s have told me that they saw my Instagram posts and that is what made them come in. 

I’m not the only one, I’ve heard similar stories shared in our Grow with the Gram group. 

Also, remember that just because you market to one person, it doesn’t mean that only one person will be attracted to you. You will attract all kinds of people. 

Social media will help you grow your business. There are so many people out there and you can use social media to reach them from your fingertips. It’s not just Instagram, it’s all of the social media platforms. 

Get out there and give it a try. Don’t make excuses not to because that is only hurting you and your business. Social media and Instagram is for all ages 

If you’re feeling lost about where to start, I have a free master class that will help you develop content to get the ball rolling. You can find it on my website: 

Don’t let fear hold you back, go find those ideal patients waiting for you on Instagram. 

Have a beautiful day.

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