Your Patient Experience

When we think about social media it can be easy to think about ourselves and what we need to get from social media. Instead, try to think about social media from the patient experience.

Viewing your social media page might be the first experience that a patient has with you. You want this to be the best patient experience possible.

With that mindset, you can create content that serves your ideal patient. 

From the first time that a patient interacts with you by viewing posts, reading captions, or browsing your website you want them to connect with you. You want to begin building the trust factor that is so important on social media. 

Consider how you want a patient to feel when they meet you. Do you want them to be excited? Feel hope in what you can offer them? Feel confident that you are the one? 

Express that through your posts. 

Details are key, whether it’s on social media or in person.

If you have ever been on a trip or to a restaurant that made you feel really special there were probably small details that stand out from that experience. This is what you want to provide for your patients as well. 

Pay attention to the small details that can make them feel special. What is the experience like when they call your office? How are they greeted when they show up for their first appointment? The details both in person and social media are things that you want to plan out.

On social media this can be what happens when they leave a comment or send a message. It could also be how they feel when they look at your feed. Does everything look cohesive and aesthetically pleasing or is it a little chaotic and mismatched. 

These small details will be noticed by your patients. When you put special care into them, they will notice and it will help you to grow. I encourage you to put the patient experience at the front of your mind. Use that to create content that serves your patients. Pay attention to the small details to give them the best patient experience possible. 

Have a beautiful day!

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