Be in Your Patient’s Mind

One way to help improve your social media is to get inside your patient’s mind. You want to think about your patients and what they need to see and hear. When you focus on them, you will create better content. You will create content  that keeps them coming back.

In order to convert views into follows, you need to provide value. 

As they keep coming back, they are building trust and they are closer to becoming a patient. You want them to keep coming back over and over again. 

When you think about your patients, think about what makes them your ideal patient. Think about the services that you want to be offering and how you can get more people in for those services. 

You get to choose the content you create.

If you want to have patients who are asking for a certain procedure, you need to spotlight that more. 

Think about what you want in your future patients and design your content accordingly. Over time your ideal patient may change, and that’s okay. 

As long as you keep thinking about their minds and what they are thinking, you will evolve and continue to grow. 

If you are unsure how to start this process, begin my scheduling out time to work on social media. During that time, ask yourself questions about your current patients. 

Think about what they are coming in for and what their results are. 

Think about what results they want in the future. You may know this information from conversations or you have to make your best guesses. 


When you try to think about their minds, you can create content that will serve them. As you come up with ideas, write them down in a notebook or on a document that you can refer back to.

When you have time for creating content, you’ll have a list to refer back to which makes it so much more efficient. 

This will start a positive cycle of thinking about your patients, being able to speak to them confidently, understanding them better and being able to serve them.

They will leave you happy with their results and what you were able to provide for them. 

Spending time in your patient’s mind will always bring you back to why you do this as a healthcare professional, why you work with these patients.

I know this works because the patients that come in sit in my chair and show me specific posts and tell me, “The reason I’m here is because of this post. Because this is exactly my situation.” Or “this is exactly what I needed to hear. This is why I’m here.”

By purposefully spending time thinking about what they’re thinking I am able to create content that they relate to and it brings them into my office. 

This might be a new way of thinking, but it will help you to get results. So next time you block time for creating content, think about your patient’s mind and create from there. 

Have a beautiful day.

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