Using Reels to Grow your Business on Social Media

Instagram is always changing but you’ve probably noticed that lately there is a huge push for video content and specifically, reels. 

Reels are shorter videos, less than a minute, and the awesome thing is that even in this short time frame you can really show off your business.

Video allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. It helps to build the trust factor that is so important when trying to attract your ideal patient. 

Also, Instagram is prioritizing reels and showing them to more people than other video content. You’ll see once you start creating them that when you post a reel it will get way more views than your other videos and posts.

This is why you need to start making reels. The more people your reach, the more you can share about who you are and what you offer, and the more likely you are going to attract your ideal patient. 

When you’re getting ready to create your reels, you need to remember to always film vertically. This is the way that Instagram shows off the videos so you need to film them that way so they fit. 

Also, it can be easier to film all of the clips and edit them together in a software outside of Instagram. You can add transitions, music, voiceover, and text a lot easier this way and then upload the final product as a reel. 

This also allows you to use that video on multiple platforms such as TikTok and YouTube if you’d like to. 

Since I know that so many of you will ask, I also wanted to share with you all some ideas for making reels. I know that brainstorming content is sometimes the hardest part of getting started and reels don’t have to be all of those crazy dances. 

Here are some ideas that you could try right away. 

  1. Take Your Followers Behind the Scenes: I love doing this with procedures  or even showing the behind the scenes of how teeth are made and customized. It is fascinating to watch! 
  2. Show a Before and After: You can do this by taking videos for both or you can post a bunch of before/after pictures to create a video out of it. 
  3. Give a Sneak Peek:  If you’re getting a new product in your office or will be providing a new service, give a sneak peek to start building excitement. 
  4. How-to Videos: I love teaching people how to actually floss properly or brush properly. You can also show how to do a procedure or how to use a specific product. 
  5. Employee Spotlight: I remember once someone said I looked like a 1 man show because I never showed my team. I still probably look like a 1 man show if you look at my feed but, in the years I’ve incorporated my team more and I know people love seeing that. Video would be the perfect way to do that. 
  6. Day in the Life: This is a great way to connect with your audience and people in different fields will love seeing what you do! 
  7. Answer FAQs: This alone can give you plenty of content ideas. Think about  what people ask you most often and then go make some reels answering those questions. 

I hope those help and you are able to get started today with making some reels and growing your audience. 

Have a beautiful day.

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