Selling Expensive Things

As a healthcare professional the services and products that we are selling are expensive, it comes with the field. That doesn’t mean you have to feel icky about making the sale. 

I hear that a lot from people that I coach and I wanted to give you some tips to feel more confident in selling expensive things.

First, you should always have the mindset that you are serving your patient. Whenever I am talking to a patient about something that they need or would benefit from, I have the mindset that I am helping them. 


Even if there is income that will come into your business, that shouldn’t be your priority in those moments, it should be about helping your patient. 

When it comes to specifically making sales on social media, you should be connecting with people first and building trust.

If you are always bombarding people with calls to actions to buy something, but they know nothing about you and why they should choose you as a provider, they are not going to be interested.

Instead, if you are always sharing stories about patients and problems that you are solving for them, it is going to peak their interest. 

When they see how many people you are helping and serving, when they relate to something you share, they are more likely to come to you for help because they’ve seen before how you can solve their problem. 

Expensive is also a relative term. If you think about what the patient is gaining from what you have to offer, the cost might be a great deal. For example, if they will now be able to have less pain and live a better life, that is priceless. 

I consider my program, Grow with the Gram. Someone might think that $997 is a lot for a course, but I think about how if you got even one patient from Instagram using what you learned you’re making that back. 

As you continue to get more patients and repeat patients, you’re making so much money from that initial investment.

It is all about perspective. You have to believe that what you are offering is worth it. You have to believe that your ideal patient can and will afford your service. 

I hope this makes you feel more confident in marketing your products and services even if they are expensive. The way that you serve your patients and improve their lives is worth every penny. 

Have a beautiful day! 

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