Selling on Social Media

While your goal on social media might be to sell your services, it is important that you approach it in a way that does not come across salesy or creepy.

We all know those people who constantly post about their products, who send endless DMs, and who are just over the top with pushing sales. 

They may be running a business which is their livelihood, but there are better ways to do it! 

When you are on social media talking about your business I want you to remember that people are going to buy from you because they are sold on you as a person.

They want to know you and get to know you as a person before they are going to buy anything from you. 

Use your social media to build relationships by commenting on posts, responding to stories and forming genuine connections. This will allow people to actually hear you if you make a product recommendation or share about a service.

If the only time people hear from you is when they are selling something, they are going to know your real intention, to make money.

When you show up on social media with the intention to serve others, people notice. They take note of you providing value and education to them and this keeps them coming back. 

Serving others can look like you sharing a story or testimony from a friend.  It can be sending a message when someone shares a struggle that they are having which you can relate to.

If you know that a product or service you offer can help, show empathy and discuss the struggle and solutions first. Do not jump right to asking for a sale. This is a huge turn off because that person doesn’t feel valued or cared for.

You can explain how you’ve helped people in the past with this problem. By having an open conversation it can lead to them ending up asking you for the sale. 

This allows them to realize that you have a lot to offer and you care about them as a person, not just as a potential customer. 

You have to remember that success on social media takes time. Social media requires a long term commitment to growth, it is not an instant revenue builder. 

People need to warm up to the idea of what you are offering them. They also need to hear about it multiple times before the idea really sticks. 

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool. When you leverage it correctly, it can be a game changer for your business. Selling on social media will happen naturally. You can read more about using social media for being social here: 

Go out there and make those connections, build relationships and you’ll see in the end, it will benefit your business. 

If you don’t know where to start with your social media, come join us in Grow WIth The Gram. I provide easy to follow steps to get your social media where you want it to be.

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