A Small Audience Can Make a Big Impact

When it comes to social media helping your business to be successful, many people are surprised to hear that it is not all about how many followers you have. You can have a big impact with a small audience. 

In my program, Grow With the Gram, I have people sharing how successful they have been with even just a few hundred followers! 

The key to being successful is having followers who love what you have to say and share on social media. These people want treatment from you and are willing to refer you to their friends and family.

It is about who is following you, not how many people are following you. 

When you look at the people who are already following you, your goal should be to figure out how you can convert those people to clients. These people are already wanting to hear from you. That is who you need to start with when it comes to selling your services. 

If you focus on converting those followers to patients, you’ll be amazed at how many patients you can get. 

Also, when you have a smaller group of followers you are able to really focus on what they need to tailor your content to match that. You can speak directly to their needs and share about services that will help them. 

Treat the followers you have like gold and they will keep coming back and supporting you. Additionally, they will begin sharing what you have to say with their friends and family which will help your page to grow organically.

It is much better to have a smaller amount of followers who are truly invested in you than to have thousands of followers where nobody likes anything you post. 

Remember, your goal with social media  is to turn followers into patients, not to just have a huge following. 

Naturally, the longer that you are consistent on social media platforms your following will grow. This will allow you to gain followers who are truly interested in you. It also allows you to be able to keep up with the growth and nurture those relationships.

You want to be able to respond to comments and messages so that your audiences sees you engaging with them. This shows that you truly care. 

When you grow slowly, you are able to keep up with that and continue to foster those relationships. This will ensure that your audience is filled with people who are your ideal patient. They are your super fans. 

These people who cheer you on and share about you are the ones that matter most. They will be the ones to help your business grow. 

This small audience can have a big impact. 

Keep them in mind as you create content and see how social media success can result in increased profits. 

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