Why Social Media Might Not Be Working For You

As someone who helps medical professionals with Instagram, I am able to pinpoint what is and isn’t working on an individual’s social media account. There are a few reasons that people may struggle with social media and I’m going to talk about those today so you can avoid them.

The most important thing about social media is that you have to believe it will work.

You have to believe that the time you are putting into developing your social media, being consistent, and creating quality content will pay off. 

Even though you may not have experience at seeing social media pay off, you need to have the mindset and belief that it can change your business for the better. 

Having this belief in yourself will allow you to be consistent and build the know/like/trust factor that you need to attract your ideal patient. 

Another reason that you may be struggling on social media is if you are too attached to results. If all you are looking at on your posts are the likes, comments, or views, then miss the point of being on social media and become too focused on the numbers.

Your purpose on social media should be to serve your audience in a way that allows them to see your content as valuable and educational. This will keep them coming back to your page and sharing about you with people in their lives.  

Your ideal patients are who you should be talking to on social media. 

Using social media for your business is all about finding that ideal patient so that is who your energy should be focused on. When you are sharing about the treatments you enjoy doing and  the people who need your services, you are creating content that will drive people to your business. 

It will take practice to capture your ideal patient’s attention, but pay attention to your content that people seem to connect with. Look at your previous posts, videos, and photos to see what people are interacting with the most. Once you have found that, try to continue to create content that is similar. 

You have to give value over and over again until people see who you are and understand why they should be coming to you.

If you are having trouble with your social media, take some time to ask yourself some hard questions about your beliefs about social media. What is holding you back? What do you not believe in? 

Work on changing your mindset and believe in the power you have on social media to transform your business. Finally, if you are stuck and don’t know where to start and haven’t already taken my masterclass, that is where you need to start. This class will walk you through four steps of how to make social media successful for your business as a healthcare professional and you can find it here.

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