You Never Know Who is Watching

Something that can be challenging about investing time and energy into social media is that you do not always have immediate results. It takes time and dedication to be consistent even when you see results but stay committed! 

This is so important because you never know who is watching and the people who are watching could be your next ideal patients! 

I’ve seen this happening in my practice when patients come in and I find out that they are following me on Instagram and Facebook. They might have never commented on my posts, but they were watching. 

If I had given up and stopped posting, what would have happened? They might have gone to someone else and I would have lost them as a patient. I use that to encourage you to remember that people are lurking and eventually, they will buy if you stay committed to your social media plan. 

A few weeks ago we talked about mindset and how you have to believe that social media will work, and it will. When you believe that the people who are watching your content will buy, eventually they will.

What should you do to turn those lurkers into ideal patients? Keep showing up and serving them.

Create content that compels them to take action. Show them the services that they need in their lives. 

This also ties back to the know/like/trust factor. It takes time to build trust through social media so you have to keep working on that in order to build trust with those ideal patients. 

Some people are impulse buyers and can see something once and make the purchase, but that isn’t most people. Many people need to be warmed up to you, know who you are as a healthcare professional, and take time to evaluate your work and how it will impact their lives. 

These people may not interact with the content, but every time they see it you are putting the idea in their head about how that might be something they need. 

People get busy and they might have intentions of taking action after they see something they like that you post, but all of a sudden their child is crying, their phone rings, or someone arrives at their home and they put their phone down and forget. 

Thankfully you’ll have another chance to reach them if you keep posting. Instagram knows they were looking at your content and it will show it to them again. You’ll be there again on their feed in a moment when they do have time and can make that call, send that message, or schedule that appointment. 

The more you expose them to your content, the more you are inspiring them to take action. 

When you are creating content ask yourself, “could this post help one person?”  If the answer is yes, then post it! If you do this enough times, eventually it will start to work. Eventually the lurkers will buy.

Have a beautiful day.

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