Make The Algorithm Work For You

I hear from people all of the time that they think the algorithm is killing their social media game. They get frustrated and feel helpless.

If this is you, I want you to change your mindset and think of the algorithm as something that is there to help you! 

The algorithm controls who sees your posts but that is all driven by engagement. It shows people the posts that they want to see and it figures it our based on what they are engaging with. 

You have probably experienced this yourself. If you find yourself watching videos of dogs on Instagram, the next time you log on your explore page is going to be filled with them. 

You want people searching and finding your content. When they spend time looking at it, then it means that they are going to be more likely to have yours pop up the next time they log on.

You need to create content that is going to make people interested. This will make them keep coming back and your content will keep showing up on their feed. 

When you are providing value, people will begin to trust you. They will look to you as an expert in what they need. They will be seeking you out, sharing your profile, and engaging with your posts. 

You can read more about my suggestions for engagement here: 

This is how you make the algorithm work for you. 

Another thing that I like to remind people of is that social media is free marketing. 

While it may not be perfect, you can market yourself to millions of people without even spending a dollar. This is why social media is so powerful. 

It is important to remember that and be thankful that you have this tool to use that can reach your dream patients. 

That being said, while we do not have control over the algorithm, we do have control over how we show up.

Creating quality content and being consistent is key to being successful on social media. Both of those things will also help you with the algorithm. 

If you want the algorithm to work for you, you have to show up. When you show up, have your best content. 

Have a beautiful day. 

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