Use Instagram to Grow your Business Organically

Ever since Instagram introduced Reels in 2020, they have been pushing them to the top of the feed. What does this mean for us medical professionals? We can use IG Reels to reach more potential patients without paying for expensive ads. 

First, let’s take a quick look at what IG Reels are. 

They are vertical videos that can be anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute. As I said before, the IG algorithm will put your Reels in front of potential patients faster and more often than any other form of content. And they are easily shared on other platforms, like TikTok and Facebook.

Here’s what IG Reels are not. 

They are not dancing videos. They are not lip syncing videos. While you can do these kinds of videos, you don’t have to. I know when I started creating Reels, I vowed that I would never be someone doing dances. If you take a look at my feed (you can find me at, you’ll see that I post a lot of procedures and when I am on the video, I’m either talking or pointing at words on the screen. No dancing or lip syncing required!

Why should you use IG Reels? 

Reels are a great way to show the world what you can do. Think about it. Would you rather look at a picture of a procedure or watch a video of one? Potential patients are looking at your content because they are curious or nervous about what you do. Seeing your face or hearing your voice while showing them what you’re doing is a great way to show them that it isn’t frightening or is the answer to a problem they’ve been having.

Now, I don’t want you to worry about what you look like or what you sound like on IG Reels. Honestly, people are there for themselves. Think more about how you are serving them, rather than how you look or sound.

Creating IG Reels is a great way to bring in more followers organically. This means without running ads or, really, paying any money. You can publish them for free and get yourself in front of your ideal patients that way.

So, if using IG Reels is a great way to increase your reach, how do you do it?

First, I want to tell you that Reels should not take a lot of time to create. Sure, when you’re first starting out, it could take 5-10 minutes to create a Reel, but once you get used to the process, it really should only take a minute or two. Some of my students in my Grow with the Gram course have said that it takes them 2 hours to create 1 Reel. This should not be happening! Take a look at my free masterclass on the 4 secrets that turn Instagram™ into a dependable stream of high quality patients. You can find that here:

But let’s talk about a few tips and tricks for you as you create your first IG Reel.

  1. Make your videos vertical. It’s so much easier to watch a vertical video on your phone which means that it’s more engaging, which is what you want.
  2. You can make your videos inside of IG, but I recommend recording them on your phone, then using a video editing app to create them. I find it much more difficult to make them in Instagram. Plus, because I have a business account, I have a very limited list of music I can use. This isn’t the case with video editing apps.
  3. If you want to dance in your Reels, do it. But if you’re like me, don’t dance if you don’t want to. Most of my videos are either procedures, me talking, or me pointing at words on the screen. Get inspired by the people you already follow and let that spark some ideas.
  4. When you post your Reel, make sure to share it in your IG Stories too. This will increase your views because whenever someone sees it in Stories, that counts as a view too. 
  5. If you are on other social media platforms, repurpose the same video on all of them! This is one of the great things about creating a video outside of IG or TikTok because it won’t have the watermark. IG has actually said that they will not promote videos that have a watermark from another platform, so this is important. (If you do need to remove a watermark on an old video, there are plenty of programs that do that.)
  6. You can even use these videos on your website. There are cooking videos that I love to watch that are just 30 seconds to a minute long and I get so much more out of them than I would a 10 minute video of the same thing. Short videos are great for that instant gratification that people are looking for in today’s world.
  7. Add music or a voiceover to a video to add some extra entertainment. Don’t forget to add some words as well because a lot of people watch these videos with the sound off. But the more entertaining your video is, the more reach you will get. Now, I know that I suggest that you create your video outside of IG but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use any of the features in IG. Like the caption feature. You can create your video in a different app, then upload it into IG and use the caption feature to put the words on it. So, don’t be afraid to use the features available!

So, there are my tips and tricks on how to create an IG Reel. Would you like some actual ideas of Reels you could make today? I know you do!

Show the “Real Side” of Your Brand/Product: you can talk about your brand, or the services you provide, or products that you have to offer. You can let viewers see and experience what it’s like to be in your business or use your products.

Take Your Followers Behind the Scenes: I love doing this with procedure videos. Or even showing the behind the scenes of how teeth are made and customized. All of it.

Introduce Yourself and Tell Your Story

Show a Before and After picture: you can do this in video form or you can literally post a bunch of before/after pictures and create a video of it. Or you can do this with client results if you have a business where you don’t actually see before/after results visually in a photo.

Offer Tips and Tricks:  if you have any cool tips or tricks you can create a quick video on it. For example, I once saw this doctor post something about how your hair can only soak up so much water, so if you want it to soak up less chlorine in a pool then soak your hair before you go in the water. So cool. Or I’ve seen dermatologists post videos about doubling up sunscreen and how to do it and why they do it. I always create this one of how you use lipstick to make your teeth look whiter. People love that content.

Give a Sneak Peek: maybe you’re getting a new product in your office or going to provide a new service, so a sneak peek would create an audience of warm traffic.

How-to Videos: I love teaching people how to actually floss properly or brush properly. Or how to do a procedure. Or if you have products you can teach them how to use your products.

Speaking of products, you can 

Highlight Your Products: you can highlight your own products or products you recommend your patients to use. You can talk about the benefits of using them and the transformations they can give

Community and Employee Spotlight: I remember once someone said I looked like a 1 man show because I never showed my team. I still probably look like a 1 man show if you look at my feed but, over the years, I’ve incorporated my team more and I know people love seeing that. 

Day in my Life: I love to watch a “day in my life” video. You can create a short video of what it’s like for you every day! You can do a work day or even a non-work day. It would be very interesting for your viewers to see.

Answer FAQs: this alone can give you like 10-20 new content ideas. Think of what people ask you most often and then go create reels on it, even if you’ve posted about it before, now you can create a reel on it.

We’ve gone through the why and the how and even given you a few ideas for your first Reel, so now it’s time for you to go do it. See how much more reach the Reels get you rather than just pictures. And don’t forget to use them on multiple platforms! No need to create new content for everything.

If you still have questions about how you can use Instagram to grow your business, join me in my free masterclass. We learn all about Reels and more, so you won’t want to miss it. You can find that here:

Have a beautiful day!

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