Why People Buy

Being successful with selling your services on social media comes down to understanding why people buy.

If you do not have this in the front of your mind as you create content for social media, you might find yourself not making the sales that you are hoping for.

The main reason why people buy is because they want something.

That sounds so simple, right? But the trick for you is figuring out how you can convince someone that they want something. 

Many times people think that if someone needs something they will buy it, but this isn’t always the case. I’m sure you can think of times when you might have needed something and you put it off. 

Unless we truly want it, we will find other ways to spend our money. The same is true of your ideal patients. 

Showcasing transformations is key to developing the ‘want’ in your audience. When you show what is possible for them and transformations that can happen, it sticks with them. 

Sometimes as healthcare professionals we forget how amazing the work that we do is. 

Whether that transformation is taking away physical pain, giving them some sort of freedom, or building confidence, they are all huge transformations for our patients. 

These are the stories that you want to showcase over and over on social media. You also want to provide value with what you share. 

Think about how you can transform how people think, what they know, or what they believe. This can also be powerful.

Design your content around these transformations in all areas of people’s lives and you will see people coming into your practice pre-sold on what you have to offer. 

They already know what you have to offer and what it will do for them. They believe that you are the best person for the job and they want you to do it for them. 

This is huge! Social media is so powerful in building trust.

They have seen the transformations that you shared and now they want it for themselves, what a beautiful thing. 

Lean into the power of social media and understand why people buy. Showcase those transformations and you will start seeing more of your ideal patients coming into your practice. 

Have a beautiful day!

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